We are a trio of tech founders with expertise in Gen AI, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, & Intelligent Automation. Together, we have brought cutting-edge technological innovations into the HR Tech domain — successfully — thrice.

We are eager to embark on our next project within UK's hiring landscape. We invite you to present us with the complex challenges that you face in recruitment.

Track record

  1. Hiring Suite: iona.ai

    Born from the need for large organisations to manage high-volume hirings.

    We built our own custom homegrown sophisticated OCR 'Document Engine', fine-tuned for personal documents (National IDs, Degrees, CVs, etc.) with automated classification, labelled field extraction, validation, and even cross-referencing across a set of documents.

    Around this, we built a comprehensive hiring suite: iona.ai.

    Use it to streamline your entire recruitment process: from application tracking, new-hire onboarding, and induction training - all automatically.

    iona.ai lets you hire swiftly at scale. It brings down the time-to-productive for your new-hires — from weeks to minutes.

  2. IT Skills Analysis: ITSA

    The shift to skill-based recruitment, brought a need for organisations to utilise skill frameworks such as SFIA (Skills Framework for the Information Age).

    Using Gen AI transformers and vector embeddings, we built a tool to accurately analyse a candidate's skills.

    Use ITSA to determine whether candidates or your employees, align with your company's and job role's skill requirements.

    Use it also to generate precise job descriptions and adverts that capture and communicate skill requirements.

  3. Leadership Skill Development through Gamified Multi-player Business Simulation

    Built for Telecom, Manufacturing, & Service industries. A game that simulates a business environment where teams play against each other.

    The environment of the simulation is setup to favour moves that instil habits that align with smart practices within your domain.

    Through playing, players align themselves with your business's specifics. Skills such as effective resource allocation, business strategy, & cooperation. They also build a holistic understanding of all departments, their functions, and fundamentals, understanding the big picture on how the business operates as a whole outside of just their own department. Ultimately, they acquire leadership skills, enabling them to move up to higher responsibility roles.


First Abu Dhabi Bank, Aditya Birla Group, HDFC, Metropolis Healthcare, ANZ, British Telecomm, IrishLife, Infosys, IBM UK, Accenture, Bahrain Airport Company, UK Ministry of Defence, DVLA, Transport for London, Airtel, & British Red Cross.


We believe in lean & mean partnerships. We also believe that the HR Tech domain is ripe for even more innovation. We want to build the next big thing. Hence, we propose an R&D partnership, to solve your complex HR challenges.

In exchange, we promise unwavering dedicated support, and a commitment to personalised boutique service.

If you believe you have such a challenge for us, contact us for a complimentary 15-minute exploratory online meeting.

R&D Team

  1. Amit <amit@iona.ai>

    Seasoned HR Tech Expert
    SFIA, Accredited Consultant
    MBA Tech Strategy, London City University

  2. Abhijeet <abhijeet@iona.ai>

    Deep insights into AI/ML, Data Science, & Gen AI
    IIM Ahmedabad & IIT Kharagpur

  3. Ooj <ooj@werp.tech>

    Algorithms, Transformers, Technical Architecture, System Design
    Computer Science, University College London (UCL)

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